Strategic Planning and Business Development Division

Business Plans
We are experienced in providing business plans for our clients. This service is required more and more by Banks and other financiers, as a pre-requisite to the borrowing of funds. The development of businesses is one of our prime objectives and specialties. It is an area in which we have achieved great success for our client base and has given us great satisfaction as we assist the financial growth of the clients.

Strategic Planning
We can provide businesses with a detailed "How to Grow Your Business" process which is divided into three stages:
Strategic Planning Session resulting in a detailed ACTION PLAN
Time Management Program
Systems Implementation Program

This is a ‘hands on’ process which is proving highly rewarding for our clients and their team members. It concentrates on the five key elements of your business and the strategies applicable to each element.

Business Sales/Mergers/Acquisitions
We will assist you in preparing and/or negotiating your business sale or merger or acquisition. We can help you avoid the pitfalls and achieve the best value for your investment.

Budgeting and Forecasting
All businesses, in order to realise their potential need to forecast and budget. We can assist you in this area with our skilled team members and expertise.

Key Performance Indicators
We will assist you to develop meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to monitor your business process. KPI’s enable you to measure the key functions of your business which will ultimately contribute to its success or failure.